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Breakthro Llanelli is a club for the relief,care and social welfare, education, recreation, leisure time occupation for children and adults within the locality of Llanelli and District who have learning disabilities and or special educational needs, with the object of empowering, improving their condition of life and integration with all persons as well as providing much needed respite for parents, especially one parent families.

It provides social opportunities within the community which would otherwise not be available for members such as theatre trips, discos, parties,shopping trips and excursions and fosters mutual help and co-operation between parents, relatives, guardians and carers of such persons and all those entrusted with their care .

We have a Saturday Club which runs from 1.30-5.30 and provides members with a cooked tea. Volunteer carers look after the members and receive ongoing training which fosters friendship and understanding. During the week there is a cinema club and various trips during the year to places of interest, which stimulate the members. Members are collected and returned door to door (unless on a day trip where they may be asked to collect at a given point but this is not often) and they are always escorted home. By taking them out to a variety of leisure facilities ,tolerance and understanding is furthered within the community as well as development of positive behaviour on their part.

All persons who wish to attend the club are referred via the Social Services, Education Authority, GP, Special Needs Teacher or other charitable organisation who have deemed that the organisation may be of benefit to the young person.

Half our members live in one of the Communities First Areas of Llanelli and we are a fully integrated charity, with young members who do not have disabilities and learn from a young age about integrating with persons with disabilities. We also have bi-lingual members and carers.

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